Which will be our future?
Marie Read

Those who live here
have the right to choose....

Say “No” to Unsafe Gas Drilling, and say “Yes
to a More Sustainable Future

Leaders of large landowner coalitions in New York have been lobbying to allow high-volume hydrofracking for natural gas soon and without much further regulation or study. They are using their membership numbers and acreage to wield political clout, yet in Tompkins County, leaseholders represent only 6% of the adult population.

To counter this message, we are assembling a list of residents to send a strong message to elected officials and DEC that a large number of people do not want unsafe gas drilling in New York. We want to give a voice to the silent majority of residents who will suffer the adverse effects of gas drilling, but will not (or would rather not be forced to) reap personal financial gain through this new type of gas drilling.

Please sign if you want your name & acreage (if any) counted in an alliance of residents who support this statement:

We believe that high-volume (slick-water) hydraulic fracturing should not be permitted in New York State to extract shale gas. The techniques used and the intensity of industrial development threaten our air, water, land, rural landscapes, and health, as well as our social and economic well-being.

Instead, New York should pursue energy conservation and sustainable sources of energy, such as small-scale water, wind, and solar power. We also should support community initiatives to help local farmers pursue sustainable farming methods that are economically viable.